Week 4.  



You will discover:

- How to use voice tone to manage a group.

- How music influences states of mind.

- The effects of affirmative communication.

Activity material

1st Activity

Which person would you vote for? a)   OR  b)

(Note: most listeners vote for b) because she has a lower voice tone.)

2nd Activity

How to induce optimal learning states.

3rd Activity

The meta model of language.


1st Activity

Meta model self test.

2nd Activity

What effect do these 3 music examples have?

New Music, The Big Country, Voyager   


3rd Activity (Contributive)

Using this guide film a brief clip of yourself using both credible and approachable voice tones to manage a real or imaginary group. Send it to charisma@sinera.org. The author will analyse this and return detailed comments. (To participate in this activity make a small contribution by sending an Amazon voucher in your name to charisma@sinera.org)

Extra material

1. Listen to Uptalk

2. Read Auditory Presenting article.

3. Research on voice pitch

4. Download freeware beat counter for music: