Week 5.  

Body language


You will discover:

- How to use your hands and head movements to manage a group.

- How pointing influences communication.

- The effects of breathing patterns on content presentation.

Activity material

1st Activity

Read Kinaesthetic & Breathing article

2nd Activity

Matching exercise to recognise gestures.


Practice with feedback

Extra material

- Pease A. & Pease B. (2006). The Definitive Book of Body Language. UK. Bantam Books. Information based on anthropological studies and presented in a very digestible format. (pdf Format: http://tinyurl.com/hjc9qe4)

- Goleman D., (1996) Emotional Intelligence Bloomsbury Group, London.The title is a combination of Gardner's interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences.Goleman shows how through the application of these intelligences to emotion we can improve our lives. Emotions are habits, and like any habit can undermine our best intentions. We can unlearn some emotions and develop others to gain control of our lives.