How to induce optimal learning states


    Hans Berger (1873 1941) the German psychiatrist invented electroencephalography (EEG) for the recording of "brain waves" in 1924. He did this by measuring electrical activity in the brains of hospital patients with skull damage. He documented these alpha waves along with beta activity. He found that when alpha waves decrease and beta activity becomes dominant, we are fully awake. As he was the discoverer of the alpha brain wave rhythm it is known as "Berger's wave".

    Using background music enables teachers to enhance the learning states of pupils:

    -   To stimulate concentration in the group play music with 60-80 beats per minute.

    -   To inspire your class draw on tracks with 80-100 bpm.

    -   To energise your pupils use sounds with 100+ bpm.


    Avoid lyrics in the music. Choose orchestral.

    You can quickly find out the beats per minute of a piece by using this freeware app.